Heather and Courtney

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Our Story

Heather and Courtney had their first date on March 23, 2014. Heather was late. Courtney was patient. They hit it off over tea and coffee at True Grounds Coffeehouse in Somerville. Courtney played it cool and Heather kept her cool. Soon Clancy the Hound met Courtney and decided she was a keeper. Courtney decided a dog sweetened the deal. Courtney's friends decided they liked Heather when she agreed to go camping on an island in Saranac Lake with no running water for 4th of July weekend 2014. They were delighted to witness Heather & Courtney audibly express their love for each other for the first time that weekend. Over the next five years Clancy went from being Heather's dog to their dog. Heather fell in love with the city of Buffalo and Courtney's large Polish clan. Courtney experienced the Angell family ordering enough Chinese food to feed an army. Courtney moved into Heather and Clancy's Malden studio apartment for a year (now that's love!). Heather learned to love the smell of bacon cooking every morning and how to scour for gluten in all food groups. Courtney learned to steep Heather's tea for at least four minutes. They moved back to Somerville. Heather learned to love Tegan & Sara. Courtney made room for Heather's books. Heather learned to always have snacks in the car. Courtney encouraged Heather to follow her dream to be a full time chaplain. Five years after that first camping trip, Heather and Courtney decided to go to Maine this past summer for the long 4th of July weekend. The campground owner told them to check out the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. The next day, after collecting a combined total 200 mosquito bites, they found themselves on a bench overlooking the bay. Courtney surprised the hell out of Heather with a beautiful silver ring and popped the question. Heather was surprised...did we say that already?! She said yes. Here we are. We are grateful to our wonderful family and friends who support us and foster our life together.
Ariel Rutland